Aqua-Step Keep Vlogging Episode 1

A new exciting partnership in 2022 saw Team DSM join forces with Aqua-Step, with the campus to be known herein as the Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center. The Center combines a living environment with a high-end support network to optimise both athlete development and cooperation. With the majority of the riders living at the campus currently in their early twenties, Team DSM’s ambition is to “bring the first riders currently in the Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center to the Tour de France by 2025”.
in a series of 7 vlogs we tell you all about it. Watch this space for a new vlog every week!

Aqua-Step Keep Vlogging Episode 2

Lots of action at the Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center. The riders are training hard here for the spring classics. Casper van Uden is one of them, find out more about his training routine.
Episode 3 coming soon!

Aqua-Step Keep Vlogging Episode 3

How does Canadian rider Leah Kirchmann experience living and training in the Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center? She was one of the first residents of the center when it opened in 2019, she will tell you all about it in Episode 3.
In Episode 4 we take a sneak peek into the kitchen of the Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center.

Aqua-Step Keep Vlogging Episode 4

In the Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center, the riders are also guided in choosing the right nutrition for an optimal performance. Young talents Enzo Leijnse and Elise Uijen explain to you how that is done.

Aqua-Step Keep Vlogging Episode 5

In the Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center, training and healthy eating are of course a priority. But it is just as important to have a nice place where you can rest and be on your own. That’s why the riders have their own apartment. The Australian promise Patrick Eddy shares his experience here!
Sustainability? Check! Watch Episode 6 for some more interesting facts.

Aqua-Step Keep Vlogging Episode 6

In the previous vlogs we saw a lot about how the Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center works for the riders. But how sustainable is this center? Our Aqua-Step colleagues Lisa and Ralph have some interesting facts for you.
Who or what is Aqua-Step and what is the connection between Aqua-Step and Team DSM? Watch our final Episode for all the answers.

Aqua-Step Keep Vlogging Episode 7