KRC Genk and HDM will start a new collaboration for the 2022-2023 season. With the new partnership, HDM is putting the spotlight on the new Aqua-Step SPC product collection for interior and exterior finishing. HDM is another leading Limburg company joining the KRC Genk business community.

“I’m very proud to welcome this new partner to our club. A company that innovates and invests in its own region. Moreover, HDM believe in the power of sports sponsorship, which makes us even more enthusiastic. I look forward to writing a success story together.” says Stephan Poelmans, Strategic Partnership Manager at KRC Genk.

Ann Schepers (CFO HDM): “KRC Genk is a dream partner for us in the region. Many of us have been following the team for years, and have enjoyed the successes – and suffered during the low points. We are inspired by the club’s commitment and dedication, especially towards the community and fans. We look forward to integrating the partnership into our strategy and marketing policy.”


About HDM

HDM NV produces and distributes innovative and circular solutions for interior and exterior finishing. HDM has been located in Peer, Belgium since 1989 and supplies products throughout Western Europe from an 18,000 m² warehouse. HDM will be the first in Western Europe to produce the relatively new SPC sheet material, Stone Polymer Composite, under the brand name Aqua-Step.  The properties (100% waterproof, sustainable, circular, simple and quick installation) make Aqua-Step products extremely interesting for floors, walls and façade cladding.

HDM contact person

Corinne Angenent, Marketing Manager N.V. HDM / +31 6 51549170

KRC Genk contact person

Davy Vanhaen, Commercial Director KRC Genk / 0490 428 896

Why Aqua-Step SPC is the ideal choice

More and more people are opting for watertight, easy-maintenance products that are easy to install for the floors and walls in their home.  At Aqua-Step we are really happy about this, as our products fit this profile perfectly. We would like to explain to you why Aqua-Step SPC products are the ideal choice for your home.

SPC products for the floor and walls in your home

As you can see above, we have a floor for optimum living comfort for every room and style.  So, for example, Aqua Click Tiles are suitable in a sleek modern interior, while the Vinyluxe Supreme boards are the ideal solution for a rustic living style. Want to give your bathroom that authentic wood look? Or a kitchen with an industrial concrete floor, you can customise every room with our watertight boards and tiles.

In addition to looking good, quality and life also play an important role of course.  These floors have a strong SPC core with a vinyl top layer, so you can enjoy them for years. Functionality is also an important concept at Aqua-Step. The boards and tiles are user-friendly, simple to maintain and sound-dampening.

Completely watertight floor and wall

It’s easy to spill something when you are cooking or to accidentally knock a glass over in the living room. So Aqua-Step boards are the perfect solution here. Thanks to the 100% watertight material and watertight click connection, there is no chance of liquid seeping into the floor or joints.  This makes our SPC tiles and boards in concrete and wood-look suitable for the bathroom too.

The SPC tiles are also scratch and wear resistant thanks to their high-tech top layer of vinyl. This means you won’t get scratches when your dog runs across the floor or you drop a cup.  Aqua-Step products can take a knock.

Ideal for renovations

The Aqua-Step boards are only 4 mm or 4.5 mm thick and can often be fitted over an existing (flat) floor or wall –  so you can often carry out renovation work without too much disruption and without raising the doors. Ideal if you are looking to renovate your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.

Installation is noise and dust-free – you cut the boards, just like plasterboard, with a box cutter and then break them off along the breaking line.  The floor can be floating, with a pressure-resistant subfloor, but also – just like the walls – fitted with glue. Choose the best option according to the situation.  If, for example, floor heating is present, glueing is the option that gives optimum heating efficiency. Looking for an all-round product for your home that’s easy to install? Check!

A sound-dampening floor for your home

At Aqua-Step we think living comfort is extremely important and therefore we limit noise nuisance to a minimum. SPC tiles and boards in combination with a good underfloor or glued to the substrate give optimum sound dampening and reduce step sound. So you can get up during the night for a late snack without anyone hearing you! Check!

Hygienic and easy to maintain

SPC vinyl boards are anti-static and don’t attract dust and dirt.  This makes them hygienic and easy to clean and vacuum and a damp mop now and then is sufficient.  You can add a mild cleaning agent to the water for an intensive clean.

A complete finish

At Aqua-step we think it’s important that the whole picture is complete. So we supply matching edging strips to give your floor or wall an attractive finish.  The various products, boards, tiles and window sills are also available in the same decors.  Mix & match our products and create the perfect whole!

Sustainable production of SPC vinyl floors

The production of Aqua-Step boards and tiles is an environmentally friendly, circular process with no waste and harmful emissions.  SPC is also 100% recyclable at end of life. This means you are also adding a sustainable element in the construction or renovation of your home.

Attractive price

The superior properties of SPC floor and wall boards are available at a much lower price than alternatives such as PVC and LVT products. Together with the ease of processing, this makes Aqua-Step the ideal choice for a new room or your latest renovation project. Want to see our complete range? Click HERE!

We also arrange interesting socials where we share fresh content.  Did you know that we are a partner of a cycling team?

Team DSM and Aqua-Step are proud to announce their long term partnership. The partnership accelerates Aqua-Step’s international growth ambitions and emphasizes their vision on teamwork.

Aqua-Step, a brand name of N.V. HDM (founded in 1989, Belgium) a rapid growing company that is developing an extensive collection of SPC-based floors and walls which are characterized by being entirely watertight, hygienic and easy to maintain. SPC is an environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable product and the production is a fully circular process. As a result, it contributes to a sustainable world in high-quality and design.

The partnership will be fully integrated in Aqua-Step’s marketing strategy towards consumers, channel- and business partners in promotions, events and experiences. Furthermore, Aqua-Step will launch several initiatives regarding healthy living in a sustainable manner and promote these with the help of Team DSM; something the team is proud of.

Ann Schepers (CFO Aqua-Step): “We couldn’t be prouder to share this news about our partnership with Team DSM. We have followed the Team for years now and we are energized by the unequaled commitment and dedication of all team members. We recognize that mindset of perseverance, teamwork, integrity and passion in our own company and we are inspired by the unique Keep Challenging approach. We look forward to integrating the partnership in our strategy and marketing execution.”

Jan Wermink (Head of Business Strategy Team DSM): “We are very happy with our partnership with Aqua-Step. They are a frontrunner in their category due to their social responsible thinking and acting. They lead with their focus on innovation, environmental friendly and fully recyclable products which really fits our mission in terms of sustainability and objectives for a better world. We love their products and large variety of solutions they provide. Next to that, the people behind the company are passionate professionals, with great values that we also share.”

partner composite_aqua-step

Team DSM and Aqua-Step are proud to announce that they will expand their partnership by joining forces in the Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center.

Team DSM’s innovative campus was opened in 2019 with the aim to optimise both athlete development and cooperation, by providing the team’s riders a living environment with a high-end support network.

The Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center is situated in Sittard, Limburg. This area provides excellent facilities, such as fantastic training routes, the Tom Dumoulin Bike Park, universities, and medical facilities. On the campus, the riders live in modern apartments, where there are also opportunities to have race evaluations, coaching sessions, equipment testing, research, core stability training and expert workshops. Next to athletic development, there is attention on personal development with riders being encouraged to continue their studies and education, ensuring they are also prepared for life after cycling.

Aqua-Step’s CFO Ann Schepers: „We are happy to share the news that the Keep Challenging Center will now be referred to as the Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center. Our combined passion for innovation makes this a perfect match. Aqua-Step produces floors and panels for walls, ceilings and facades. Combining the best properties of PVC and MDF, these sustainable and circular SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) products are the next step in interior and exterior finishing. We believe that the Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center is the way forward for cycling to make the next step, and we are proud to be part of that journey.”

Team DSM’s Partnership Manager, Laura Oskam said: “We are proud to work together with Aqua-Step, as they are a frontrunner in their category due to their socially responsible thinking and acting. We believe the campus is a great example of our joint vision on teamwork, and we look forward to working together with Aqua-Step to ensure the Aqua-Step Keep Challenging Center is an inspiring environment for all of our riders and experts on the team.”