SPC vinyl products for walls and floors

Aqua-Step has an extensive collection of floors and walls based on SPC vinyl. These floors and walls are characterised by being entirely watertight, sound-dampening, hygienic and easy to maintain.

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SPC vinyl floors are ideal for all rooms in the house. They are waterproof and, thanks to the solid SPC core, very strong. The sealed high-tech top layer protects against wear and tear, scratches and stains. The fine printing of the decoration layer ensures beautiful true-to-nature decors.

Vinyluxe Plank

SPC vinyl floors are ideal for all spaces in the home. They are waterproof and, thanks to the solid SPC core, very strong. The sealed vinyl top layer of a Vinyluxe floor has a wear layer that protects against wear, scratches and stains. The warm wood patterns look and feel natural because of the deep embossing in the surface. Step sound is low thanks to its soundabsorbing characteristics.

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Vinyluxe Supreme

Choose a Vinyluxe supreme floor if you want a top quality SPCfloor. The extra long planks have a 4.5 mm SPC core and a vinyl top layer with an extra thick 0.5 mm wear layer. With a  micro V-groove on four sides and wood patterns with ‘embossing in register’ (the embossing follows the wood grain), you will bring class and atmosphere into your home.

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Vinyluxe Herringbone

A classic design which is back in fashion: herringbone floors. The SPC version of these floor designs can easily be laid yourself, either floating or glued to the substrate. Vinyluxe herringbone has a 4.5 mm SPC core and a vinyl top layer with an extra thick 0.5 mm wear layer. You will enjoy this wear-resistant floor with V-groove, in natural wood patterns and deep embossing, for many years to come.

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Vinyluxe Colors

Vinyluxe Colors floors reflect the latest developments in top layer technology: SolidPaint. This durable surface
layer provides excellent protection against wear, scratches and stains. It’s available in both ultra matt and high gloss. Available in various uni colours, Vinyluxe Colors is the right choice for people who like a sleek industrial design for example.

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Aqua Click Tiles (XL)

Easy renovation: Thanks to its low thickness, Aqua Click tiles are ideal for renovations as they can often be laid over the existing floor or wall. On the other hand, they are ideal for new-build too. The click connection means they can easily be laid floating on the floor or glued to the substrate, similar to installation on walls. The SPC core and vinyl surface make the tiles completely waterproof so they can be used anywhere in the home, including bathrooms and kitchens.

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Aqua Click Tils Colors

Aqua Click Tiles Colors tiles have a SolidPaint surface. This high-tech top layer has an attractive high-gloss or ultra-matt look and provides excellent protection against wear, scratches and stains. Available in various uni colours, the tiles come in two sizes, making them ideal for renovating walls and floors.

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Aqua-Step XL

Aqua-Step XL are large SPC boards that are suitable for bothfloors and walls. The boards have a click connection on thelong side and are sawn straight on the short side. The boardsare glued to the substrate. Floors can be laid quickly andalmost seamlessly thanks to their large size. They are waterresistantand therefore ideal for all conditions.

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Aqua-Step Boards

Aqua-step boards are straight-sawn large boards. Thanks to their waterproof properties, the boards are suitable for many spaces in your home, including the bathroom, kitchen and basement.

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Xterior Board

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Aqua-Step Window Sills

Aqua-Step Window sills have a modern straight edge and their low thickness of 5 mm make them ideal for renovations. They are easy to saw to size and can be finished with matching self-adhesive edging strips.

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Edge banding

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