100% waterproof laminate flooring

Aqua-Step, with its complete range of 100% water-resistant flooring, provides you years of comfort and a worry-free future. Aqua-Step is perfectly resistant against floods, moisture or condensation. It is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, hallways, cellars, ... Aqua-Step is made of high quality synthetic resins. It contains no wood components. Aqua-Step has 0% swelling in all atmospheric circumstances. Aqua-Step is also recommended for project applications such as fitness rooms, restaurants, shops, ... as it meets all necessary technical specifications.

Aqua-Step | water resistant laminate

Did you know?

Aqua-Step can be installed directly on damp concrete, even without a damp barrier. Aqua-Step doesn't even have to acclimatise prior to installation. When time is money, Aqua-Step is certainly the ideal solution.