Washable with water & soap

Aqua-Step can be cleaned with water and soap which results in an extremely hygienic floor. The floor stays bacteria free and is completely mould resistant (ideal for allergy sufferers). The high density surface coating and the perfect waterproof seams prevent dirt from penetrating the floor.

Aqua-Step | anti-bacterial, hygienic & hypoallergenic Aqua-Step | hygienic laminate floor
Aqua-Step | Washable laminate floors


Who better to judge the qualities of a floor than the manager of a famous hotel in Europe? Saying quite frankly: "After a long search, we've found what we were looking for. Aqua-Step combines the warmth and comfort which our customers enjoy and the efficiency which our staff appreciates. This floor is exceptional: it provides the hygiene of a stone floor and can even be cleaned with the industrial buffer. An excellent product!"