Aqua-step versus "waterresistant" woodbased laminates

Aqua-step Other "waterresistant" laminate
Core PVC - synthetic HDF - woodbased
100% waterproof warranty 20 years 1 hour
% swelling when wet 0% 8%
Washable with water & soap yes no
Waterproof accessories yes no
Acclimatisation time not needed 48 hours
Installation without damp barrier yes no
Installation without silicone yes no
Installation without sealing strips yes no
Uninterrupted installation under doorways yes no
Underfloor cooling system yes no
Warranty 20 years 10 years
Unlimited surface applications yes no
Other underfloors allowed yes no
Other skirtings allowed yes no
Flat yes yes
Beveled yes no
Commercial use and impact IC3 yes no
Eco responsability
100% recyclable yes no
0% formaldehyde, 0% VOC's yes no