Aqua-step wood designs

The Original finishing has no beveled edges. The planks fit seamlessly, giving your interior a more geometric feel. Wood 2V planks are slightly beveled off on the long sides. The Wood 4V finishing has beveled edges similar to the Wood 2V finishing, but on both the long and the short sides of the plank. The V-grooves create a sense of depth in your interior. The Shipdeck designs are beveled along the long sides of the plank. The black square grooves of the Shipdeck finishing give your floor the authentic look of a ship deck.

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Aquastep - Havana Oak Havana Oak Aquastep - Loft Oak Loft Oak Aquastep - Moonlight Oak Moonlight Oak Aquastep - Ultra White Ultra White Aquastep - Montana Oak Montana Oak Aquastep - Pure Oak Pure Oak Aquastep - Cappuccino Oak Cappuccino Oak Aquastep - Beachhouse Oak Beachhouse Oak Aquastep - Limed Oak Limed Oak Aquastep - Lounge Oak Lounge Oak Aquastep - Oak Grey Oak Grey Aquastep - Sumatra Teak Sumatra Teak Aquastep - Mystic Wood Mystic Wood Aquastep - Vendôme Oak Vendôme Oak Aquastep - Sutter Oak Sutter Oak Aquastep - Anthracite Oak Anthracite Oak